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Graymatter Media jewellery photography provides fast turnaround of digital product photography for all types of jewellery in all types of media whether it’s high resolution images for print, or web-optimised images for online selling. Clients post products, define the brief and then Graymatter Media photographs, retouches, supplies images in formats required and returns products. It’s that simple and usually pretty fast.

It’s all white

Most jewellery images are required on a white background for selling online, whether the images are for a client’s own site or for selling portals like Amazon and Ebay.
Annoyingly, jewellery is usually small and shiny, and often silver too – which makes it difficult to capture the jewellery and a white background in the initial photograph.
Graymatter Media has developed some tricks along the way, allowing the capture of most images on a pure white background and reducing the need for expensive post capture work.

Model behaviour

Online sellers often require multiple images for each product, one of which might be on a model. Graymatter Media can source models if required or supply mannequins – which work surprisingly well with jewellery much more cheaply.

Pixel perfect photography

Getting great images starts with knowing how to capture the best starting point in the camera. Because jewellery is usually small, photographing it so it displays at a good size means defects which aren’t detectable by eye suddenly show up like a sore thumb.


Knowing the camera software and how to get the best out of it quickly to work efficiently allows us to deliver great images at sensible prices.

The final touches

Jewellery images are usually viewed much larger than the actual piece, and tiny polishing marks which show up usually need fixing. Post capture retouching and colour matching fixes these tiny defects and is the last process before supplying the images.

Whatever the jewellery

Different types of jewellery require different setups to most economically capture the images and minimise post capture work. This means you’ll get the best prices when you send lots of the same type of piece, be it necklaces, earrings or bracelets.

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The Team

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Mandy Gray

Mission: Everything except photography.
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Toby Mears

Mission: Capture great jewellery shots to minimise post capture work.
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